A Look Inside... Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

6 OCT 2017

As part of our countdown to 404 we have been interviewing unique tech companies of Ireland. The next company in our featured series is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ,HMH, and their endless efforts to support the future generations with their technology


HMH has the mission of changing lives through creating technology that will impact and change the preK-12 education classrooms. They currently are serving more than 50 million students through multiple media outlets in over 150 countries.  Software Engineering at HMH is focused on building fantastic software to meet the challenges facing teachers and learners.


HMH thrives on fostering passionate, curious learners among our customers, across our workforce, and throughout our global community.”


The team at HMH enables and supports the next generation of learning experiences. Their goal is to design, and build custom applications and services used by millions.

By creating teams full of innovative, eager software professionals, HMH is able to build products that will transform their industry and future classrooms. Our modern cloud platform is under way, and we are advancing our next generation services using a variety of new technologies like Scala, graph databases, Mesos frameworks and more.

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