A Family-friendly Work/Life Balance: Why Software Developer Gian Moved From Sydney to Ireland

7 FEB 2018

There’s much more to the Irish tech scene than just Dublin. Take Cork, for example. It’s the second largest city in Ireland, and if you’re looking for a vibrant urban environment with a stunning coastline and nature on your doorstep, then this is the town is for you. Luckily for techies, it’s also the location of several world-class tech companies. Companies like cybersecurity firm, McAfee. We caught up with one of McAfee’s software development managers, Gian, who moved to Cork from Australia 16 months ago.

Making the Move

Originally from Sydney, Gian has done a lot of travelling. A few years ago, while he was living in Sweden with his wife, the couple took a trip to Dublin. He recalls: “We found the city to be quite progressive and there was a lot of development happening which is always a good sign.”

When he was back in Australia, a friend who was working in Ireland referred him for a role in McAfee in Cork. He explains: “I had read that Cork has a different pace of lifestyle and that it’s a great place to raise a family. We have a three-year-old, and coming from Sydney, which is a big city with a lot of hustle and bustle, to a smaller city like Cork, there is a better work/life balance. I wanted that type of lifestyle.”

A Close-Knit Team

Once the family decided to move to Ireland, the process was relatively straightforward. Gian recalls: “McAfee provided the essentials like accommodation, transport, and an allowance for things to get started, which was very helpful.”

Part of a close-knit team, Gian has found McAfee (and Cork) to be really welcoming. He says: “The workplace comradery is great. It has that welcoming spirit. The office is not too big and not too small – the perfect size for collaboration.”

At McAfee, there are certainly lots of chances for collaboration and getting to know your workmates – and some nice workplace perks too. Gian explains: “McAfee provides great coffee and pastries on a Friday which is a nice gesture and a great way to collaborate with colleagues.”

“A Lot of Support for Tech Talent”   

Ireland is home to lots of tech meetups and Cork is no different. Gian says: “I go to a lot of the local tech meetups. So many of them are a hub for tech startups, and there’s a great support network there for people who want to start their own business. Dublin might have a larger population but the tech community in Cork is still growing.”

Gian’s experience of working in tech in Ireland has been positive and he’s enthusiastic about the future growth of the sector. He notes: “I believe there is a lot of support for tech talent in Ireland. There’s lots of investment in tech. Many international companies have a presence here, so that brings the talent required.”

Family Friendly Location

One of the things Gian loves about his new city is how family friendly it is. “I live not too far from the office and my daughter goes to creche about 7 mins away. It’s great to come to the office and not have a long commute. The lifestyle is good, it’s great for bringing up a family, and has an excellent workplace culture.”

Gian left sunny Australia in the height of summer and landed straight into an Irish winter. Despite this, he says one of the things that surprised him about Ireland was the weather. He laughs: “The weather was actually better than I expected!”


Want to Learn More?

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